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We help Personal Injury Attorneys and Law Firms get more clients. Although our main focus is Motor Vehicle and Personal Injury we can get results for many other practice areas using this same system.

Case Rush System™

How do We get More Cases?

Get connected with people who have been injured the moment they’re looking for your help.​

If you’ve been in business more than a few years then you probably already know that the relying on word of mouth referrals is not enough to grow a profitable law practice.  

You have probably tried a number of strategies like working with SEO agencies, PPC companies, Expensive Websites and other so called experts but… 

There’s a profound difference between most of these companies and what our  Case Rush™ system does to convert opportunities into cases. 

The problem? Most of these companies make their margin charging high fees for leads that cost very little and then resell those leads to 5+ law firms in the same area. 

You can probably see why it doesn’t work out well for any long period of time. 

Start getting connected with pre-qualified leads that actually turn into great cases and increased revenue. 

Our System
Simply Works

How? We Use Behavioral Data And AI To Reach People Who Have Been Recently Injured At Exactly The Right Time. Our AI Powered App Takes Those Leads And Instantly Engages Them With Automated Messaging That Starts The Conversation And Wins More Clients.


Right People

Using Behavioral Data we’re able to show up front of only those have may have been recently injured.


Reach Out

Our smart conversion system get pre-qualified case request leads with complete case info.


AI Follow Up

Our AI Powered follow up system immediately messages and follows up with leads to start the conversation for you.

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